Yaroslav Khortiuk

I am a software engineer from Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

I had developed a sharp interest for computers in school itself and eventually pursued my education that directed my career opportunities to IT industry. I completed my graduation in Computer Science and then started preparing for Masters in same. As of now, I am a software engineer with knowledge of various programming languages like PHP7, Golang, Javascript, Shell scripting. Currently I am working on a E-commerce based application for one of our well-known PR companies in Ukraine and CIS.

My current fields of insterest are Cloud Infrastructure, Distributed Systems and Linux. Those are fields where I would like to continue grow up as proffessional software engineer.

Apart from daily job, I like participating in open source projects and visiting local events where I can spread my ideas and listen to others.

Interests & Skills

  • Cloud, Highload
  • Linux
  • API, Web Services
  • PHP, Golang
  • Distributed Systems
  • E-Commerce